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The Eubanks    

About Us

We are The Eubanks Family...

Collectively we have more than 80 years of music experience, in almost all genres of music...but that is what we do...NOT who we are. We are Husband, Wife and daughter.....all three are Born Again and saved by the Grace of God. And our singing ministry is just that...a ministry. It opens doors to allow us the privilege of telling others about Jesus. How He is the Great Physician...the

Comforter...the Alpha and Omega...the Great I Am !

We look forward to telling you more and more about our precious Savior!


I am the worship leader at a small Cowboy Church down in Louisiana and about a year ago I was put in contact with Jennifer and she spoke with me about sharing their ministry at our church.  My first reply, was "we don't really have a budget for guest speakers and musicians". Jennifer, lovingly and humbly sighed and said, "we work on faith".  In today's times a family willing to work on faith, is what our church needed to see. 

Since then, they have returned again, with more dates in the future.  The spirit travels with them, and changes lives with their music and their message.  They love God, and we love them.

Jim Davis - Worship Leader

Narrow Gate Cowboy Church

Vivian, LA

It is been my privilege to get to know The Eubanks family the past several years. I have observed this talented family as they have grown musically and spiritually.

Terry and Jennifer are very accomplished singers and have been involved in music their entire adult lives. Terry is a master musician. He plays several instruments and does so with excellence. Their daughter, Emma, has been a thrill to watch. This young girl has blossomed into quite a gifted singer herself.

The Eubanks' concerts consist of a rich blend of gospel music that appeals to every age group. I really enjoy the fact that they utilize some recorded accompaniment music and some live music. They cover old hymns and Southern Gospel favorites and have their own compositions as well. Their rich three-part harmony is absolutely beautiful. Having observed this family for years, I can say that what they sing in their concerts and on their CDs is what they exhibit in their everyday lives. They are humble, anointed and easy to work with. They make no demands, but simply want to spread the Gospel in song.

Pastor Jimmy Bobo

First Assembly of God, Malvern, AR

Three years ago, I was introduced to a music trio known as The Eubanks. I knew nothing about them at that time. After hearing a sample of their music, we decided as a church to ask them to perform an evening concert. I figured that September evening would be a one-time event. The evening of the concert, we had many guests come to our church because, apparently, they knew more about this group than I did. That concert was life changing for my church and my family in more ways than one. The music, mixed with a bit of light hearted humor, as well as testimonials to why they travel the country singing, made an immediate impact on our church family. Everyone kept asking when we were going to have them back for another service. This concert became an annual event, and when the pandemic occurred, we thought we were going to miss out. Instead, Jennifer, Terry, and Emma brought us a Christmas concert that blessed everyone that attended. I am glad to call this family our friends. I look forward to hearing about how their ministry through music continues to change lives, and witness to the faithfulness of God.​

My prayers are with you all.

Ryan Bachuss, Pastor, United Methodist Church, Arkansas Conference

We are so blessed and thankful to know Terry, Jennifer,​ and Emma. Over the past two years, they have become friends that we've gotten to know very well, and we are pleased to support their ministry as they also support ours. Their humility and willingness to serve are as evident as their talent, and they are always ready to help out with our sound system or any other area that's needed.

To say that they are talented musicians and singers is an understatement, but what means the most to us is that they are the real deal. They have a genuine love for Christ that is evident in their love for others. That love comes through especially when they worship Him through music and song. Whenever they are in service with us, they minister to our folks at Freedom through prayer, love, and encouragement. While Terry assists in the sound booth and Emma adds her voice to the youth worship team, Jennifer has her hands raised in worship or is at the altar praying with others who are there.

You can usually get a glimpse of folks by getting to know their child, and if you know Emma…she is as sweet and genuine as they come. She is a part of our FYI youth worship team on Wednesday nights, and her voice is as sweet as her smile.

The Eubanks' goal and focus is to spread the gospel through song and testimony, to see souls saved, and lives changed. We love The Eubanks family and we know that you will too. Not only will you be blessed by their talents, but you will gain humble, lifelong friends.

Pastor Jim and Mecca Gourley

Freedom Ministries

Bismarck, AR

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